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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Daily Boom 70's Throwback: 'The Adventures Of Wonder Woman'

Image result for Wonder Woman tv show

2017 has in many ways, been the year of Wonder Woman. The film did fantastic, securing a follow up and God knows how many more movies will follow after that one. Forty years earlier, The Adventures Of Wonder Woman was one of the biggest hits on CBS. The show later went on to be one of the biggest cult classic shows to come out of the 70's. Lynda Carter was perfectly cast as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman and in the eyes of many, she remains the only true Wonder Woman.

I remember being obsessed with the show. Sure I was like seven, but I still understood that she was worth paying attention to. Halloween rolled around and that was my chance to actually BE my very favorite superhero. I guess it didn't really occur to me that a pants-less costume wasn't appropriate on a little kid. When my mom showed me my costume which included a little skirt, I flipped. I had a cape with stars & stripes and a gold crown with the red star but without the boots it was all kinds of wrong. 

I kind of wish pictures still existed from the Halloween party at my house that night because knowing my mom's creativity, I probably looked a lot more like Wonder Woman than I thought at the time. For the next few years I couldn't get enough of Wonder Woman so Super Friends was my fav Saturday morning cartoon. 

The current version of Wonder Woman is already all over the place, but do you remember the 70's icon? Check her out below!