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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Daily Boom 80's Throwback: Culture Club - 'Miss Me Blind'

"Now there's no need to demand

Grab my golden hand
I'll teach you
And you'll never be sure
If the way that you need

Is too much like greed

Decide if you are rich or you're poor
I know you'll miss me
I know you'll miss me
I know you'll miss me blind
Bet you make the fool run
Bet you know how
To make it last forever"

I have to admit, Culture Club always kind of gets a little lost in my pile of 80's classics and I'm never really sure why. I've always been a Boy George fan and some of this groups' songs really are timeless. Then there are those that carry a personal time-stamp, like "Miss Me Blind". This takes me back to a Friday night in 1984 when it was pouring and we had just left a pizza parlor connected to our local mall. We stepped outside into the rain and a few thunderbolts later and my parents and I were taking cover inside of The Jean King- a store that was exactly like its' name implied. 

As the rain poured down on the roof above, I was surrounded by racks of Jordache, Calvin Klein and Gloria Vanderbilt jeans. It was denim heaven. I'm pretty sure if I walked into that store today I'd be amazed by how small it actually was but on this particular night, it was divine. In my mind any good store also has great music playing and "Miss Me Blind" was always my favorite Culture Club song so obviously, the fact that it was on here only makes the memory sweeter. Check out the video below!