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Saturday, March 9, 2019

Daily Boom 80's Throwback: Kiss - 'Tears Are Falling'

"Something is wrong as I hold you near
Somebody else holds your heart, yeah
You look at me with your eyes in tears
And then it's raining, feels like it's raining
Oh no, tears are falling
Oh no, tears are falling, whoo oh
Oh no, tears are falling, whoo oh
I saw you cry
And now it's raining (yeah)
Looks like it's raining (someone stole your heart)
And now it's raining, feels like it's raining."

1984 was a monstorous year for KISS. Their album Animalize spawned the hit "Heaven's On Fire" and for the first time the hard rock icons were performing and shooting videos without their infamous makeup. It was almost strange to see them all glammed up. Big hair, lipstick and colored spandex replaced their old painted face look and the MTV crowd kind of ate it up. 

By the fall of 1985 the boys were back with their 13th studio album, Asylum, which didn't do as well as its' predecessor. However, it brought with it one of my all-time favorite KISS tracks, "Tears Are Falling".  The video was filmed earlier in the year in London and for whatever reason I was kind of obsessed with it. My uber religious mother believed that anything connected to KISS was leading fans down a path of imminent destruction, so I really had to keep my love for the band on the low. 

Instead of watching MTV after school and out in the open like my friends I'd get up super early to watch it before mom crawled out of bed. There was a point in time when the  "Tears Are Falling" video played at 6:40am for about a week straight and I was up and out of bed to see it. 

Thirty-plus years later, I still love it so check out the video below!