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Monday, March 5, 2018

Daily Boom 80's Throwback: Us3 - 'Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia)'

"Feel the beat drop, jazz and hip hop
Drippin' in the dome, mix is on the lock

Funk and fusion, a fly illusion
Keeps ya coastin' on the river we cruisin'
Up, down, 'round and 'round, found the found
But nevertheless ya gots to get down
Finesse freak through the beat so unique
Ya move your feet, the sweat from the heat"

If you don't remember the name "Cantaloop" it's okay because you still may verywell know the song. It was put out by a London group called Us3 back in 1993, to much critical acclaim. It ended up being a very successful fusion of jazz and rap (the rap always has had a spoken word vibe to it). The song sampled Herbie Hancock and selections from the Blue Note Record catalog. The end result was a great song that snatched up loads of radio play not to mention the fact that its' video was in heavy rotation on MTV for a long time.

Sadly, Us3 never really followed up "Cantaloop" with anything that remotely compared to it. It's definitly a one-hit-wonder, but a great one at that.

Check out the video below. Doesn't it end too soon?