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Friday, August 3, 2018

Daily Boom 80's Throwback: The Cure- 'Why Can't I Be You?'

"You turn my head when you turn around
You turn the whole world upside down
I'm smitten I'm bitten I'm hooked I'm cooked
I'm stuck like glue
You make me, make me, make me, make me hungry for you
Everything you do is simply dreamy
Everything you do is quite delicious
So why can't I be you?"

I'll admit it, I'm not exactly a fan of The Cure. I cherry pick, carefully. For whatever reason I've always, always loved "Why Can't I Be You" and it's all about the video. Maybe it's because Robert Smith is slightly more animated than usual or because his lip liner is MIA. Maybe it's the costumes or the fact that the video features some of the most awesomely bad choreography ever. I don't know but when you put these things together it ends up looking like this (below), and I happen to love, this.