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Monday, August 13, 2018

Daily Boom 80's Throwback: Def Leppard - 'Pour Some Sugar On Me'

"Love is like a bomb baby c'mon get it on

Livin' like a lover with a radar phone
Lookin' like a tramp, like a video vamp
Demolition woman, can I be your man? (Your man)

Razzle 'n' a dazzle 'n' a flash a little light

Television lover, baby, go all night
Sometime, anytime, sugar me sweet
Little miss ah innocent sugar me, yeah, yeah
So c'mon, take a bottle, shake it up
Break the bubble, break it up

Pour some sugar on me
Ooh in the name of love
Pour some sugar on me
C'mon fire me up"

Today's throwback is a song that really needs no introduction or explanation. In 1987, after spending years in the studio putting it together, Def Leppard finally released Hysteria. The album was made with the intention of every track on it being single-worthy and they achieved exactly that. No song was bigger than "Pour Some Sugar On Me" and thirty years later it's one of those songs that nearly everyone knows the words to, regardless of their age. So click play and sing along below.