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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Daily Boom 80's Throwback: Exposé - 'Let Me Be The One'

"(Let me) Show you how I feel
(Be the one) That I need so much
(Let me) Give you what is real
(Be the one) That I long to touch

Only you can make me feel this way
I'll give you all, come on, let's get away
This love I feel will never ever fade
I'll give you more and more so

(Let me be the one) Hold onto the dream
(Let me be the one) You can trust me at anytime
(Let me be the one) Give you all the love
(Let me be the one) To feel your tender touch."

Expose` released "Let Me Be The One" the week after my sixteenth birthday and it instantly became my very favorite song. It was the third single in a row off of their debut album, Exposure to crack Billboard's top ten. It was one of the biggest songs of the summer and to this day I associate "Let Me Be The One" with laying in the sun, baby oil scorching my skin, Sun In turning my hair only slightly lighter.

Gioia Bruno handles the lead vocals and did I mention the stunning video to go with it? Filmed in London, the ladies are all glammed up for what looks like a (now vintage) couture modeling shoot. This is one of those songs that you know two seconds after it begins and to this day, audiences respond like it's an old favorite. Check out the video below!