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Sunday, October 16, 2022

Daily Boom 90's Nostalgia: Jane Child - 'Don't Wanna Fall In Love'

"Ain't no personal thing, boy
But you have got to stay away
Far, far away from my heart, my heart
Don't you know what your kiss is doing
Let me tell it to you from the start, boy
I don't wanna fall in love
No, no
Love cuts just like a knife"

Do you remember Jane Child? She was one of the earliest shooting stars of the 90's that seemed to have a long career ahead of her. Child's look caught attention because no other woman on the top 40 charts was rocking a shaved head, braids and a nose ring. Her first single, "Don't Wanna Fall In Love" was a total bop. It was on in the car, it was on in the grocery store, it was on in your doctor's office. It followed you everywhere and that wasn't a bad thing. We were coming off of hair bands and New Jack Swing had its' finger on just about everything else so Child was really a breath of fresh air.

Unfortunately, she's considered a one-hit wonder by most, but Child does have three albums out there so if you still love this song, then check the rest of her archive.  You remember this one, right?