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Friday, August 5, 2022

Daily Boom 80's Throwback: Billy Idol - 'Flesh For Fantasy'

Billy Idol

"There's a change in pace
Of fantasy and taste
Do you like good music
Do you like to dance
Oh yeah
Hangin' out for a body shop at night
Ain't it strange what we do to feel alright
Oh yeah
So when will you call
I am experienced oh yeah"

I think between late 1983 and 1984 it was absolutely impossible for MTV to play for more than an hour without showing a Billy Idol video. "Rebel Yell" became an instant anthem and Idol's classic sneer and bad boy demeanor made "Eyes Without A Face" equally popular. But "Flesh For Fantasy"? That was my favorite. Probably because it was edgier and the video featured some (barely dressed) bad ass dancers. The fact that my bible thumping mother thought that Idol was the devil in black leather only made me like him even more.

I love the fact that even 30 years later you can still catch Idol rocking out, lip curl and all. What song is your favorite?