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Friday, July 29, 2022

Daily Boom 80's Throwback: Exposé - 'Tell Me Why'

"Echoes thunder almost every night
Why this prison if we're all alike?
Look around you, look at all your friends
Tell me, are they just what they pretend?
Listen to my story if you have the time
Yes, we'll make the difference if we really try
Listen, everybody, start to make it right
One and all together, feel it from inside
Tell me why it echoes every night
Why we fight just to find who's wrong or right?
Don't let it slide, you can't run and hide
Tell me why, oh, won't you please tell me why?"

When Exposé released their second album in 1989- What You Don't Know in the summer of 1989 the trio was bound and determined to prove that they were more than just another freestyle act. Sure they came with some serious floor burning beats, but they also had substance. "Tell Me Why" was the third single released and lyrically, it was about urban gang violence. Gioia Bruno is featured this time out and it was a song that made an impact and showed that the group was socially aware.

It also gave Exposé their 7th top ten hit on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart. The video is still striking to this day and the visuals are pretty timeless. There are close ups of the trio in between random playground footage of grade school kids interacting. Fairly simple concept but it's effective. Check it out below!