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Monday, November 21, 2022

Daily Boom 80's Throwback: Journey- 'Why Can't This Night Go On Forever'

Raised on Radio (Journey album - cover art).jpg

"Lost in twilight, the memories
Precious moments, you and me
We've been old friends, all through the years
Picture postcards, sharing tears
What's in our hearts, there's never time, to say
Need you tonight, lover don't fade away
I've seen your city lights
As I walk away."

When I think of 80's groups one of the first that has to come to mind is Journey. Whether they were rocking out or serving up one hell of a power ballad, Steve Perry and the rest of the guys always made a rock solid impression. It's really hard to choose just one favorite Journey song too. It totally depends on my mood on any given day. While I love their earlier stuff, Journey's 9th studio album, Raised on Radio has always been a favorite of mine.

The fifth single off of it, for whatever reason didn't do so great which at the time was pretty shocking to me. "Why Can't This Night Go on Forever" seemed like a pretty solid ballad to me and it was done in the same vein of every other one that charted well- or maybe that was the problem. Maybe back in 1986 we were all looking for something a tiny bit different from the guys. Regardless, it's still a really great song that seems to often be forgotten in Journey's extensive catalog of hits. Check it out for yourself below. Does this song ring a bell?