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Monday, April 22, 2019

Daily Boom 80's Throwback: Samantha Fox 'Naughty Girls (Need Love Too)'

"I've been told time and time again
That you can't treat love like a game
But I play rough with hearts that never mend
'cause some guys like you do the same
Love was just a four-letter word
Never heard, how absurd, how could it be
But now I can't believe this is real
How I feel, now you steal my heart away from me"

"Naughty Girls (Need Love Too)" was one of the best guilty pleasure songs of the late-80's. Samantha Fox first burst onto the music scene with "Touch Me" back in 1986, raising many eyebrows. Lyrically she was the first chick to sing entire songs about sex in the bluntest way possible and there was something really ballsy about her doing that.

"Naughty Girls" quickly became an anthem of sorts in the summer of 1988 with the message being that everyone needs love, even when they think that they don't. Fox's videos were really slick and this one cut between a sexy bedroom scene and then her and her crew dancing in front of a graffiti wall. The video walked the line without ever going too far and the result kept Fox's music in heavy rotation both on the radio and MTV.

In between listening to a bunch of hair bands, I was definitely a big Samantha Fox fan. Even now, when one of her videos comes on I inevitably stop what I'm doing to watch in spite of already having seen it a million times.