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Thursday, June 16, 2022

Daily Boom 90's Nostalgia: Meredith Brooks- 'What Would Happen'

"Electricity, eye to eye
Hey don't I know you
I can't speak
Stripped my senses
On the spot
I've never been defenseless
I can't even make sense of this
You speak and I don't hear a word
What would happen if we kissed
Would your tongue slip past my lips
Would you run away, would you stay
Or would I melt into you"

I was definetly a fan of the Lilith Fair artists back in the mid-90's. I didn't love every single song by everyone though. In fact, I usually preferred their music that never got radio play. Meredith Brooks was in with that roster of chicks with guitars and her first song, "Bitch" left me ice cold.

Maybe that makes me an actual bitch?

Everyone was crazy over this song and it did nothing for me. But Brooks' follow up? THAT, is one of the steamiest songs to come out of the decade and I think most people forgot it even existed. "What Would Happen"  is about two people that have no business hooking up and whether or not they actually do is left to your own imagination. 

What I know is that the slinkiness moves me and Brooks' voice is just perfect. A little raspy, a little gritty and subdued. This is one of those songs that was almost destined not to be appreciated enough. It came on the heels of an anthem of sorts and it was a total departure from that. But it really is Brooks at her best, I think. Check it out below.