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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Daily Boom Disco Throwback: A Taste Of Honey - 'Boogie Oogie Oogie'

Image result for a taste of honey

"If you're thinkin' you're too cool to boogie
Boy oh boy have I got news for you
Everybody here tonight must boogie
Let me tell ya, you are no exception to the rule
Get on up, on the floor
'Cause were gonna boogie oogie oogie
'Till you just can't boogie no more
Ah boogie, boogie no more
You can't boogie no more
Ah boogie, boogie no more
Listen to the music..."
It's finally Friday and I have to tell ya', this has been a really rough week. I think by late Tuesday it felt like it had to be at least Thursday. So, I'm thrilled to see this one end and there is no better way to shut it down than with a disco classic. A Taste of Honey broke out during the summer of 1978 with "Boogie Oogie Oogie" and it was life changing. My Friday nights were spent at a local skating rink at the tale end of the disco era and this was one of those songs that got everyone up and out on the rink.

It's funny thinking back to how we would all gather on the "mushrooms" to sit and talk but there was a handful of songs like this (and anything by Chic, Patrice Rushen, Gloria Gaynor...) that made all of those conversations stop instantly. I'm not sure where this video was filmed but I'm kind of thinking that it might have been at The Soap Factory, an old Jersey club that filmed a weekly dance show. The Soap Factory used to be exactly that and I think I see a few bubbles floating around in this clip. Check it out!