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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Meet the Boom Radio Staff: Mojo Moomey- Host of Mojo Rocks

Listen to Mojo Rocks on Wednesdays at 9pm EST

Where do you live-
Osceola Iowa
Earliest musical memory-
My mom used to listen to The Carpenters and my dad listened to Bluegrass and Classical Music
The first album you bought-
With my own money? I believe it was Mötley Crüe-Theatre Of Pain
First concert -
Kiss/Slaughter and Faster Pussycat In 1990. I was 12. My dad took me and he had quadruple bypass heart surgery 2 years before. During the show, my dad could feel the bass drum in his chest and it freaked him out. I remember Faster Pussycat and the show but not much about Slaughter. My dad was the only man there dressed in Khakis and a Cardigan Sweater. Hahahaha!
Last concert attended -
ELECTRIC RADIO KINGS! At Counts Vamp’d in Vegas! That was a blast! Paul Christiana (lead singer) flew me out to introduce them on stage. Everyone was awesome! Paul Christiana is crazy! Love that man.
You just got off of a plane & are standing in your dream location, where are you?
On stage introducing a band somewhere.
Favorite memory- Meeting so many people recently, and becoming friends with so many awesome people. Keith Ferrari, K.A. Of Lypswitch, Paul Christiana, Angel Cruz, Angela Hamilton, Ashley McDermott, Johnny Italia, Justin Kimmel,Ace Von Johnson, Chris Steven...I could go on. Getting to know these people is making great memories.
Bucket list goal-
To make a living at doing my show. I’d love to make a living at being an Emcee.
Finish this sentence- "This time next year______"
I will still have long hair. You're hosting a dinner with 3 living artists & 3 that have died. Who will be there?
Alive- Nikki Sixx, Ace Von Johnson And Paul Stanley-
Dead- Eric Carr,Freddie Mercury and Dimebag

Also catch him on FacebookTwitter & Instagram. Here's a playlist of some of Mojo's favorite stuff!