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Friday, June 7, 2019

Boom Radio's Battle of the Unsigned Bands Registration is Open

Are you ready to rock?
DailyBOOM & Boom Radio is about to light up the summer of 2019.

If you are an unsigned artist or an unsigned band that knows how to rock out then we are looking for YOU to join our battle of the unsigned bands. 

What is Boom Radio's Battle of the Unsigned Bands?
A tiered competition that will pit competitors against each other. Votes via social media will help to decide who moves on in each round of the competition.

Who is eligible to compete in Boom Radio's Battle of the Unsigned Bands?
Anyone that can rock out. We don't care if you're metal, hard rock, classic rock, alt rock, indie rock, prog rock... you get the idea.

Why is Boom Radio hosting a Battle of the Unsigned Bands?
Because your response to our requesting music from unsigned artists has been so great. We think you guys are pretty awesome & would like to help you gain some more exposure. Plus we wanted to give our listeners a fun way to get involved while supporting new music.

Also, why not? We want to help heat up your summer!


Space will be limited so if you are ready to rock then here's what you need to do-
You must include:

1. Short band/artist bio with all members listed

2. Band Photo

3. 2 (Two) songs that best represent your work on either an MP3 or Wav file

4. A registration fee of $10 will be collected. No, we don't really need your cash but this is the best way to make sure that entrants are as serious about this Battle as we at Boom Radio are!

5. Let your followers & fans know that you've entered and start rallying your troops because you're going to need them. Always use #BoomRadio & #BoomRadioBattle in posts on Twitter.

Send the first three of those things to
Cate@dailyboom.net and then you'll be directed on #4.



Well, of course, we are going to have lots of stuff for you. Details will be announced soon,  but on the line will be an exclusive interview with a music outlet that reaches millions of people each month, plus a bunch of other special goodies.