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Saturday, May 11, 2019

Exclusive Interview: Steven Adler Mixes Music with His Newfound 'Appetite' for Art

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Photo: Steven Adler's Official Facebook

In case you didn't already realize it by all of the other coverage, we really love rock festivals here at DailyBOOM because they give us a chance to grab a few minutes with legendary artists that have influenced and inspired us, one way or another. Legendary original Guns N' Roses drummer Steven Adler easily rests near the top of that list. He has years of sobriety under his belt and has tamed some inner demons by tapping into his own artistic creativity. In a quick chat with Steven this weekend we learned that love and gratitude are now giving him the biggest high of his life. Check it out below.

Steven on what he has been up to lately:

"I've been fabulous. I've just been playing and playing, plus I've been working on my art and it's all very fulfilling.  I'll tell you, I've got such a great band. I've got Tanya O'Callaghan who plays bass, AJ (Alistair James) playing guitar, Michael Thomas on other guitar and then my rock brother who I just love, Ari Kamin from Argentina who sings like a demon angel. Since I'm doing GNR songs, he sings like Axl (Rose) did in his twenties. We're doing songs off of Adler's Appetite and then we're doing some GNR songs that they don't do live like "Say Goodbye to You" and we do "You Could Be Mine" the way that it was done back in 1989."

Steven on his love for music:

"I started playing drums when I was about thirteen. We used to hang out at night clubs even then (laughing). We would go for whenever the bands were soundchecking in the afternoon and they would take a stick and just hit the drums and it made a sound that was so beautiful to me. I could feel it in my heart and soul and I knew I had to be a part of this somehow. That love and need to be a part of it never ever goes away."

Steven on his sobriety:

"I've been sober since 2008 and I wish that I had gotten it (sober) a lot sooner because life is just so great. It was a complete change for me and I'm happy that I've got this second chance at life. The alcohol is a massive depressant and such a downer. I kept drinking because I was sad and it took me years to understand that I was sad because I kept drinking. When I drank the mood swings were like a roller coaster. My mood is pretty even now and I like it, I'm even Steven (laughing). Back in the day, I was just doing what my idols and the people that I looked up to were doing. Everyone partied and back then there wasn't the internet or Behind the Music stuff so you only heard the good things and they glorified it and made it seem fun. I didn't really understand that there was a bad side to it until it took over my life."

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Photo: Steven Adler's Official Facebook

Steven on his artwork:

"I have my art collection, which is a series of prints of me playing each song off of Appetite for Destruction in the dark with a red light and a laser stick. I never really understood art until I got involved with this company and now I get it. There is so much passion and love, anger, and evil in everything and people get that. There is so much interest and I'm actually becoming an art connoisseur (laughing), who knew? I really love it. These prints are affordable and they come from the album Appetite, that I love so much.

It was so great playing with those guys (Guns N' Roses). I really love Slash and Axl (Rose) so it was a great experience. I miss Izzy (Stradlin) too. He has a talent for living and he knows how to live his life the right way that's for sure."

Steven on playing at M3 Rockfest:

"I can't believe I'm doing a show with Whitesnake! I'm going to find out this weekend if David Coverdale is my real father or not (laughing). I'm gonna grab a piece of his hair for a DNA test (still laughing and joking). He is just looking and sounding as great as ever and their bass player Michael Devin is one of my favorite people in the whole world. This whole weekend is just so amazing because I get to hang out with my friends that I've known for thirty or forty years. That's just so cool plus I love the fans so much and you already know how I love to rock so it's a great weekend."

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Photo: Steven Adler's Official Facebook

Check out Steven Adler's site to view and purchase his creative art pieces.  Also follow him on Facebook and Instagram for the latest tour info, band updates, and more!