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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Daily Boom 90's Nostalgia: H-Town- 'Knockin' Da Boots'

"I feel so good when I'm near you
That's why I always wanna be close to you
I'm so addicted, I'm so addicted
To makin' love to you, baby
All night long, baby, all night long, long, long, long"

H-Town's "Knockin' Da Boots" is one of my all-time favorite slow jams. The 1993 R&B classic hit Billboard's charts at the height of the New Jack Swing era and it sat near the top for several weeks in the spring of that year. Kristine Huskey, who is now a distinguished attorney and author actually appeared in the video as a dancer.

H-Town remained popular throughout much of the 90's and were putting the finishing touches on an album when lead singer Keven "Dino" Conner was killed in a car accident along with his pregnant girlfriend. The album was released nearly two years later but without Conner it didn't garner much airplay or distribution.  The remaining members of H-Town, Solomon Conner and Darryl Jackson perform some of their classics from time to time.