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Sunday, July 11, 2021

Daily Boom 90's Nostalgia: Kris Kross - 'Jump'

"Don't try to compare us to another bad little fad
I'm the Mac and I'm bad givin' ya something that you never had
I'll make ya rump rump wiggle and shake your rump
'Cause I'll be kicking the flavor that makes you wanna Jump
How high? Real high
Cause I'm just so fly
A young loveable, huggable type of guy
And everything is to the back with a little slack"

The early '90s seemed to have a handful of hi[p hop groups or duo's that amounted to being a flash in the pan. The music market was so flooded with them that they almost canceled each other out which was kind of sad because there was some real talent there. Kris Kross was one of the few exceptions to that situation. Chris Kelly and Chris Smith got together before they were barely teenagers and by the time 1992 rolled around they were sitting on top of Billboard's Hot 100 for 8 weeks.

"Jump" was and still is an anthem. It gets people up and moving with every spin. Not only did Kelly and Smith have mad skills but they were produced by Jermaine Dupri, which basically ensured their success. They were also unique, known for wearing their clothes backwards and when 90's kids followed their lead they became fashion trailblazers of a sort.

Kris Kross ultimately released 3 albums together and kept making moves in the music industry, often behind the scenes. Chris Kelly's struggle with drugs was pretty well known and in May of 2013 he lost that battle. Chris Smith continues to make music and produce.

Check out the video for "Jump" below. I don't remember wearing my clothes backwards but my hat was definitely tipped to the back.