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80's Musical Icons Nu Shooz Return with 'BagTown'

(Photo: Mike Hipple)

Some songs just have a way of dragging you back, way back to that moment when you heard them for the very first time. Those same songs are often some of the most recognizable ones in pop culture's musical history. "I Can't Wait" by Nu Shooz likely falls into this category for many of you out there, as it does for me as well. Atlantic Records actually first released the song thirty years ago this month and my memory of it is still pretty crystal clear. Back in 1986 you were at the mercy of radio and DJ's to play new music and so I had caught the tail end of it a few times but my 15-year-old self was dying to hear the whole song. I ended up driving somewhere with my dad and when the opening notes of "I Can't Wait"started, HE cranked up the volume. Keep Reading...

Exclusive Interview: Ann Curless of 'Expose`'

So many great girl groups have come and gone over the years, but long before Fifth Harmony, Destiny's Child and even En Vogue took their turn as Billboard's hottest acts, there was Exposé. While Gioia Bruno, Ann Curless and Jeanette Jurado may have been first put together by a producer way back in 1985, they cemented their place in the record books pretty quickly. Their debut album Exposure first dropped in 1987, and they became the very first group in history to have four top ten singles from a debut effort, beating out legendary acts like The Supremes and even The Beatles. Exposé also became the first girl group in history to have seven back-to-back top ten hits on the Billboard Hot 100Keep Reading...

Boom Exclusive Interview: Sabrina Nieves of 'The Cover Girls'

After catching a recent freestyle show in Westchester County, NY where The Cover Girls performed, I had the privilege of chatting with Nieves for a few minutes and I quickly realized that while my teenage self loved the originals, my grown up self is far more in tune with the class act that blew me away onstage a bit earlier. While Nieves readily admits that there is often "noise" that surrounds them, she is completely humbled by the love that they do receive. The connection that these women actually share is pretty intense too. Keep Reading...

Boom's 'Ladies of The 80's' Exclusive- 5 Minutes With Debbie Deb
Last weekend I had the cool opportunity to attend a Freestyle show in White Plains, NY. Many jokes were made about the "real housewives of Westchester county" coming out in full force to attend this event and who could blame them? The roster was jammed with 12 back-to-back acts, including Debbie Deb, who needs absolutely no introduction to true freestyle fans. Here's the thing, if you haven't a clue what freestyle music is, you're still very likely to know Deb's music. Her songs "Lookout Weekend" and "When I Hear Music" are still played in clubs across the country and they've been revisited and covered by the likes of Gwen Stefani. I was able to grab the bubbly performer's attention for a few minutes and she was thrilled to have a chance to connect with her fans via a quick Q&A session. Read More...

Boom's Ladies of the 80's Exclusive Interview- Catching Up With Lil Suzy

Fans of freestyle music really don't need much of an introduction when it comes to Suzanne Casale Melone, who is better known in these circles as Lil Suzy. Music has been in her blood since birth and by age five, Suzy was already discovered, thanks to her dead-on covers of Madonnaand Tina Turner classics, and opening for the likes of The Village People. Suzy had her first record contract with Fever Records by the age of eight and was peddling her first song, "Randy" like a pro.

"Take Me In Your Arms". Suzy's most popular single was released from her very first studio album, Love Can't Wait, more than 20 years ago and it remains a freestyle classic. 

Aris Ziagos Helps Us to Find Our Musical 'Pulse' on Upcoming Album

"A love of poetry as a teen eventually helped when it came time for Aris to really get in touch with who he wanted to be musically. While nearly every track that he has released up to this point has an underlying dance beat,Aris is quick to not only see the color and texture of different musical styles, but also integrate them into his own tracks. He doesn't see the boundaries between different musical genres. Everything in life alternates between light and dark and if you listen closely you'll also pick up on this in Aris' songs."

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