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Currently Booming: 'Juke Box Heroes Tour' Review (6-23-18 Camden, NJ)

If you're a classic rock fan then the summer of 2018's concert circuit is really designed just for you. Rather than heading out to see a show with a lukewarm opener followed by a great headlining act, music fans are being handed 3+ straight hours of music that they were raised on. Music by supergroups like Steely Dan and The Doobie Brothers or Def Leppard and Journey is woven into the fabric of an entire generation or twos' life and that's why they are still more than capable of selling out the biggest of venues. The 'Juke Box Heroes Tour' is undoubtedly one of the very best things to hit the stage (any stage) this summer and when Foreigner, Whitesnake and Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Evening stopped into Camden, NJ's BB&T Pavillion this past weekend the fans were out in full force.  

Camden is technically considered a Philadelphia venue and Philly audiences are notoriously loud when showing their love for the music that is still part of their daily lives, even if it's decades old. June 23rd was no exception and as the audience settled in for a long night together Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Evening was first up to set the tone. Jason is, of course, the son of the legendary John Bonham, Zeppelin's late drummer and it's pretty unlikely that anyone else could reimagine the band's classic catalog better than he can. Keep Reading...

Currently Booming: Journey and Def Leppard Bring Classic Rock 'Hysteria' to Philly Tour Stop (6-11-18 Review)

(Photos: Cate Meighan)

Philadelphia audiences are always something special. If you are an artist rolling into a local venue then you can pretty much count on having a great gig. I was reminded of this last night as two monsters of rock, Journey, and Def Leppard played a three-hour show that kept the near-capacity crowd on their feet in the Wells Fargo Center. More than 16,000 people showed up to relive a bit of their youth and both bands delivered.

Journey was up first and I really wish that people would back up off of Arnel Pineda. I understand that Steve Perry fans will always rally for him to come back but clearly, he has no interest. Pineda has been slaying on lead vocals for more than a decade.

More than ten years.

I've seen him likened to a Steve Perry impersonator which is crazy to me because nothing that he does will ever be right for a particular group of people. If he nails the lyrics like Perry then he is copying him, but if he were to totally switch it up those same people would say that he ruined the songs. So, let's stick with the solids. Pineda is fantastic. The range of his voice is amazing for tracks like "Separate Ways" and then he has just enough emotion to hit those warm and fuzzy nerves in songs like "Faithfully".

I've also seen some critics question whether or not the band should hang it up already and I have to wonder if they've ever actually seen Journey play because not only do they sound fantastic, but they are clearly enjoying themselves. Neal Schon's TWO guitar solos show why he was considered to be a prodigy by age 15, Jonathan Cain's work on the keys can literally break your heart and Steve Smith with his 70's butterfly collar and yellow Converse will remind you that the drums are absolutely everything in a rock band. Keep Reading...

Daily Boom Exclusive: 'The Rage and Rapture Tour' Review- Garbage

A certain kind of magic is almost inevitable when you take two legendary bands, each fronted by iconic female rockers and you have them hit the road together for a 27- city North American tour. The Rage and Rapture Tour, co-headlined by Garbage and Blondie seems to have only picked up momentum as it rolled into a series of East coast dates. The Aug. 2nd tour stop in Philadelphia at The Mann Center, a beautiful outdoor venue nestled in Fairmount Park, was absolutely everything that I had hoped it would be. You know how sometimes you see a show that's so fantastic that when you wake the next day you're still carrying it with you? This was one of those for me. I left the venue a little bit changed. I'm not exactly sure how or why, but I do know that it's a good thing. Keep reading...

Daily Boom Exclusive: 'The Rage and Rapture Tour' Review: Blondie

Monday morning. It's like a curse if you work as an entertainment reporter. Deadlines never feel more pressing and the close of another weekend inevitably opens up to a day full of catching up on who is fighting, dating, divorcing and dropping new music while trying to curtail a potential scandal. From my perspective, life for celebs would be a whole lot easier if they took a page from the life playbook of an average Joe and kept their clothes on, paid their bills and remembered that the Cloud makes everything accessible. Monday morning and here I sit buried beneath work and unsure of where to start. While I figure it out I decide to go back in time and listen to a few old tracks that will prepare me for a show that I'll be reviewing tomorrow night. The Rage and Rapture Tour which is co-headlined by Garbage and BlondieKeep reading...

Whitesnake's 2016 Greatest Hits Tour

(This review of Whitesnake's Greatest Hits Tour originally ran in June 2016. Here it is again in case you missed it!)

In theory, this is supposed to be just another fairly normal night in the life of an entertainment reporter. Show up at an event, gather info, grab photos and then make a quick getaway. The same thing that I've done for better than twenty years. But on this particular evening the job itself is familiar, but the emotions attached to it, well they're larger than any high pitched screech that David Coverdale can hit. As Whitesnake's band members went through their own personal rituals to prepare for their recent show at The Fillmore Theater, a venue just outside of Washington, DC I found myself unexpectedly revisiting my own bit of history. Keep reading...

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