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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Did Blake Shelton Catch Miranda Lambert Cheating?

Blake Shelton has always been the subject of so many rumors. If you listen to the media then he has probably been cheating on now ex-wife, Miranda Lambert, from the moment they met. It doesn't help that he actually likes the bad boy image that he has and there have always been photos of him looking inappropriate with various women. But what about Lambert? Would she have cheated too? Well, that's what several sources are claiming.

Supposedly, Shelton got suspicious because Lambert's behavior had changed and so he hired a private investigator that caught her cheating with an employee. Shelton confronted her after catching her literally in the arms of another man and then he filed for divorce shortly thereafter. Apparently, it's one thing to hook up with a string of young blondes but when your wife strays, well that might be a problem.

Shelton and Lambert's divorce became final the day that it was announced to the public and she seems to be struggling more than he is. Is it because she feels terribly guilty about cheating? Or is Lambert sad because she was really hoping that the kinks in their marriage would be able to be fixed and to realize the opposite has just gutted her? Are you surprised that these two have split? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below!