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Monday, July 27, 2015

Sarah Jessica Parker Lands Gig with Jordache Jeans

When you are a legendary brand looking for a new face (or body) for your next advertising campaign then you have to find the perfect person and no one knows this better than Jordache. The legendary denim company has been dressing women since 1978 and their latest campaign features none other than Sarah Jessica Parker.

Aside from the fact that their jeans (which start as low as $16!) look amazing on Parker, she also connects with the generation that originally coveted Jordache jeans as teenagers. While doing a photo shoot recently, Parker told People magazine about dipping into her own closet and making a pretty cool discovery.

"We were taking some pictures of my husband and I and the kids, and we were all wearing stripes and I went to my closet and I put on a pair of jeans and I was like, I think these jeans are very, very, very, very old. And they were from 1983. And they were hilarious looking, they were super high-waisted. They’re a little paper baggy — but I really liked them. They’re a really light wash. I don’t know why I got them or how I got them, but I still have them."

I know there are a bunch of you reading this that are still admittedly 80's obsessed. Do you own anything from that era that still fits? Can you believe how ridiculously good Parker looks in her Jordache look?