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Monday, July 27, 2015

Ben Affleck Struggling with Split From Jennifer Garner

It has been nearly a month since we learned that Jennifer Garner's marriage to Ben Affleck has come to an end and in the weeks that have followed, the two have seemed incredibly amicable. First they took a family vacation to the Bahamas to escape the media when the news first broke and then they spent several weeks together in Atlanta while Garner worked. Now we're hearing that they will be sharing Brooke Shields old home while renovations are done to their own estate. All the while Affleck has put up a solid front but now we're hearing that the actor is in fact a mess.

Apparently Affleck has been putting his acting skills to good use in order to appear as though he is handling everything just fine. A recent report by Radar Online seems to tell a different story. While he may not have wanted to give up his vices to be a better husband and father, Affleck also really didn't want to lose Garner either.

After years of watching Affleck's alcohol and gambling addictions flare up, as well as rumors of infidelity, Garner finally had enough and pulled the plug on their marriage. Now he is left to figure out how to handle his life without  the person that kept him most grounded for the last decade and Affleck isn't quite sure how to do that.

Some seem to think that a reconciliation might ultimately happen here. Obviously Affleck isn't happy about the split because if he was he would be living it up as a free man. Instead he does seem to be acting more like a man that wants his family back, don't you think?