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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Ben Affleck Broke Up with Christine Ouzounian Once Romance Became Public

It looked like Ben Affleck's split from Jennifer Garner was going to be pretty mess-free, at least for a few weeks. How many couples announce that they are ending their marriage and then immediately go on vacation together?  Not many and yet these two popped up in the Bahamas looking as well as could be expected at the time. For once it seemed like a high profile couple might actually really want to keep things as civil as possible for the sake of their kids but boy, the difference a few weeks can make. Now we know that Affleck's alleged fling with the nanny, Christine Ouzounian has made a real mess.

The nanny was reportedly fired by Garner after she found out about the dalliance but Affleck was spotted with Ouzounian weeks later at a Beverly Hills hotel. She has been accused of tipping off the press to a July 17 meet up and Affleck reportedly dumped her once photos of them surfaced online. Garner is, no doubt, beyond furious because up until this point, any side chicks have been hidden from the press.

While Ouzounian has been completely cut from Affleck's life, the scandal has been kept alive thanks to a friend or two of hers that has talked to the press. Do you think that this public embarrassment will affect the civility of Garner's split from Affleck? Or will they continue to try and dissolve things as privately as possible?