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Monday, August 24, 2015

Katy Perry Working on 'Crocodile Tears' New Diss Track Aimed at Taylor Swift

There's no end in sight to the bad blood between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. Hot on the heels of Swifty's "Bad Blood" single I'm now hearing that Perry is currently working on a diss track of her own, tentatively called "Crocodile Tears". Needless to say this song is likely to be pretty condescending but the real surprise may come from Swifty herself. Apparently she welcomes the rivalry and is happy that Perry is willing to continue it!

According to a report by Hollywood Life, Swift believes that the fans will continue to take her side no matter how Perry responds. The source says that because Taylor drew first blood by releasing her song about their ongoing feud first, fans will see her as the woman who was hurt the most by the other’s actions and side with her. “Another theory she has is that because she got her song about their public feud out first, people will side with her as the person most scorned. She’s super-relaxed about it, and welcomes the rivalry. Katy doesn’t scare her one bit.”

A good girl fight always seems to draw a big crowd and rivalries do have a way of keeping people front and center. Do you think that Swift and Perry really hate each other this much or do they really enjoy the extra press that it brings them both? If they were alone together would it be a knock down fight or do you think that behind closed doors these two ladies are laughing all the way to the bank?

How about "Crocodile Tears"? Do you think that Perry really is working on this track or is it just a crazy rumor?