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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Kendall Jenner is Dating Nick Jonas

If you have heard any rumors within the last few days about Kendall Jenner possibly dating Nick Jonas then you won't be surprised to hear that they seem to be true! While the two young Hollywood heavyweights have known each other for years they were recently reintroduced by Gigi Hadid and Joe Jonas and now that they are both single they have really clicked.

According to a new report by Us Weekly, the two have an easy chemistry and they have been getting to know each other better over texts. Hadid is said to have helped to play matchmaker for the new couple. She is currently dating Joe and Jenner is one of her best friends. By matching her up with Joe's younger brother it makes it super easy for all four of them to hang out together and so far that seems to be working out pretty well.

What are your thoughts on Jenner dating Jonas? Do you think that they might make sense as a couple or would you rather see them with other people? Are you surprised that he would gravitate towards a member of the attention seeking Kardashian klan?  Will Jenner and Jonas end up together for the long haul or is this just destined to be a quick hook up?