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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Nick Gordon Paid for Staged Photos at Bobbi Kristina's Grave

Bobbi Kristina Brown's former boyfriend, Nick Gordon, was banned from her funeral but recently made the journey to New Jersey to visit her grave. What many would have believed to be an extremely personal, private moment was actually bought and paid for by a tabloid. As it turns out, dollar signs might have been the main motivator in getting Gordon to visit Brown's final resting place.

According to a report by Page Six, "Grieving Nick Gordon — who was banned from girlfriend Bobbi Kristina Brown’s funeral by her dad, Bobby Brown, and is facing a wrongful-death suit in her catastrophic passing — was paid $40,000 for photos and video of his so-called “secret pilgrimage” to her grave."

Apparently, the National Enquirer paid for the sad photo shoot and the pics are featured in their latest edition on newsstands now. Gordon needs the cash because not only has he been cut off from Brown's fortune, but her estate has also filed a $10 million dollar wrongful death civil suit against him. It has been alleged that Gordon plied Brown with a lethal cocktail of drugs and then placed her face down in the bathtub where she was eventually found.

Gordon's team helped to broker the photo deal because it ensured that they would be paid something. In the meantime, the DA's office is still mulling over evidence and deciding whether or not to criminally charge Gordon in connection with Brown's death. Do you think that will eventually happen as well as him battling the civil suit?