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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Currently Booming: Anna Duggar Reportedly Living in Florida With Parents- Will She Leave Josh for Good?

(Photo: Instagram)
It sounds like hunkering down with the Duggar clan was a little too overwhelming for Anna Duggar, the young wife of Josh Duggar. Since her husband admitted to paying for sex via Ashley Madison (a bombshell that came just months after he also admitted to molesting his sisters) she has quietly taken her kids and moved in with her parents in Florida. Apparently, Anna's parents' home is kind of like a retreat for the young mom of four who is left to pick up the pieces after being deeply humiliated by Josh.

While the family supported Anna bringing her four kids to spend time with them, a new report by In Touch claims that her parents will ultimately encourage her to work out the problems in her marriage with Josh. He is currently in a religious rehab of some kind, seeking help for his addiction to sex and Anna does intend to eventually visit. 

She’s looking forward to seeing him in a month or two when the first spousal visitation is allowed. She just prays that he gets the help he needs so they can go on with their life together, despite everything he did to her.”

I have to admit, I'm actually pretty surprised that the controlling Duggars even allowed Anna to take the kids and go even temporarily. While she is supposedly playing the role of dutiful wife, as demanded by them, this girl obviously does have a bit of a backbone if she is challenging them on anything. Do you think that she will dare to actually leave Josh for good?