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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Currently Booming: Ben Affleck's Dinner With Jen Garner Sparks Reconciliation Talk

(Photo: Twitter)
Could it be that Jennifer Garner is starting to reconsider going ahead with her plan to divorce Ben Affleck? The duo announced their split back in June and for several weeks were spotted together with their kids, looking more rock solid than ever. They had said that it was their intention to present a united front for their family and for once, it actually looked like a divorcing couple was serious about pulling off this heavy duty task. Then Ben got caught hooking up with the nanny and all bets were off.

It has been pretty widely reported that Ben would ideally really like to win back his wife. Ten years is a really long run for a Hollywood marriage and he is probably pretty lost without her anchoring him. Meanwhile, this break has likely felt like a huge relief for Jen after years of having to keep tabs on her man. When the nanny scandal broke she kept quiet but the anger was on her face whenever Jen was spotted out and about.

Supposedly Ben changed his phone number to prove to Jen that he was serious about cutting off contact with anyone that could be considered even a potential hook up. It looks like his approach might actually be working because last night Ben and Jen were spotted having a very public dinner together at NOBU in Malibu. While they have been seen in public together in recent months, it has always been with their kids. This dinner was a very adult evening out.

Do you think that Ben is starting to wear Jen down? Dinner in public certainly is intended to send a message because these two know that the paps are watching. Is a reconciliation actually a possibility for these two?