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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Jessa Duggar Appears to Have Turned Her Back on Josh Duggar, Will Rest of Family Follow?

(Duggar Family Promo Shot)

A few weeks ago Josh Duggar confirmed that he had indeed opened an Ashley Madison account and spent a chunk of cash to cheat on his wife, Anna Duggar. He has since checked into some sort of faith-based rehab facility that works with sex addicts and the rest of the family has stayed pretty quiet, at least until this week, when his sister Jessa Duggar directed her Twitter followers to a scathing post by her by her father-in-law, Michael Seewald. After reading it, many have come to the conclusion that Jessa has now turned her back on Josh.

What is a bit interesting in this is the fact that Jessa is one of the sisters that Josh admitted to molesting years ago and she had given interviews earlier this summer stating that she had forgiven him for that. Yet cheating on his young wife is something that Jessa, at least at this point, seems to be the kind of offense that is relationship severing. Is it that she sees his cheating as worse, or is it that is a variation on the same kind of theme and Jessa wants to now distance herself from Josh's entire situation?

If Jessa is seeming to publicly indicate that she is through trying to support her brother, could the rest of the family be far behind? Do you think that her other sisters will follow suit? It seems pretty unlikely that Bob and Michelle Duggar, Josh's parents would completely turn their backs on him, doesn't it?