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Monday, October 19, 2015

Currently Booming: Is Mariah Carey Worth $5 Million for a Night?

(Photo: Twitter)

Just how much is Mariah Carey really worth for a single performance? Well, we know that Caesars Palace in Las Vegas was willing to pay millions earlier this year to make Carey their newest resident diva but is she worth even more than that? Apparently someone overlooked all of the vocal struggles that Carey has had in recent years and is willing to make her even richer. Millions of dollars richer.

According to a report by TMZ, Carey will make a fortune for one performance, "We're told Carey just signed a multi-million dollar deal for a one-off NYE performance at Copacabana in Brazil. Our sources wouldn't divulge the exact number Mariah's getting, but we're told it's between $2 and $5 million FOR ONE NIGHT OF WORK!!!"

Carey's performances in recent years have often been a real struggle, with her not always able to hit those high notes that were once her trademark. She is also known to be difficult to work with so when you put these things together, are you surprised that she would still command such an astronomical price tag? Is she worth $5 million?

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  1. Really? Vocal struggles? Mariah has sounded VERY good since 2012. Yes she had a few bad performances but overall she was consistent. And being the biggest selling female artist for the past 20 years and having the most successful catalog of singles in billboard history does make her worth 5 million dollars.