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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Currently Booming: Is Ryan Sweeting Demanding Spousal Support from Kaley Cuoco?

(Photo: Instagram)

Since confirming the bust up of her marriage to Ryan Sweeting last week, Kaley Cuoco has worked hard to put on a happy face for the paps that have trailed her. Fans of The Big Bang Theory actress have seen her partying with friends and bonding with her brand new horse as Cuoco clearly tries to insinuate that life is just fine. Sadly, behind the scenes it looks like she could be steadying herself for one heck of a court battle with Sweeting.

Cuoco is worth a reported $53 million and sources close to the former couple are now saying that in spite of being worth an estimated $2 million himself, Sweeting will likely file for spousal support. The couple did sign a prenup but the tennis pro is said to be looking for loopholes that would clear the path for a hefty pay day. Of course Cuoco is ready to fight him every step of the way.

It sounds like this divorce could easily turn very messy and a potential court battle like this could actually last longer than the marriage itself did. Gunning for Cuoco's cash sounds like a pretty big revenge move on Sweeting's part, doesn't it? Do you think that being married to her was so rough that he actually believes he deserves a windfall?