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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Currently Booming: Lamar Odom Reportedly in 'Dire' Condition, Khloe Kardashian 'Inconsolable'

(Photo: Instagram)
Rumors about Lamar Odom have been swirling since last night, after it was confirmed that he was found unconscious at a Las Vegas brothel earlier in the day. What we know for sure is that Odom had been partying there for days as a way of escaping his everyday life and it may ultimately cost him his life. 

According to a report by TMZ, "Sources at the Love Ranch tell us ... 35-year-old Odom arrived at the Ranch Saturday and was partying with the girls for days. A source at the Ranch said Lamar was taking an herbal substitute for Viagra. We spoke with Hof  ... who tells us Tuesday afternoon, a woman went into Odom's room in the VIP suites and found him unconscious. We're told the woman began screaming for the manager -- who called 911. The manager rolled Lamar over on his side and saw "mucus-type liquid coming out of his nose and mouth." An ambulance took Lamar to Pahrump hospital, where doctors intubated him ... an indication he could not breathe on his own."

Updated reports late last night say that Khloe Kardashian is at Odom's side and completely inconsolable. Obviously this is exactly what she feared would happen to her ex if he didn't steer clear of his addictions once and for all. Kardashian filed for divorce in Dec. of 2013 but a judge never actually signed off on the petition because Odom had dragged his feet with his portion of the paperwork.

Kardashian is technically still considered Odom's next of kin, which means that the decisions regarding his medical care likely are resting on her shoulders. Many outlets are reporting that Odom has very little brain activity and that makes his prognosis pretty dire right now. Such an incredibly sad situation for one of reality television's most popular former couples.