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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Currently Booming: Jimmy Fallon's Partying Has NBC Exec's Contemplating an Intervention

(Photo: Twitter)

While everyone seems to love Jimmy Fallon, not everyone is laughing about his recent antics. NBC's leading funny man has had three alcohol related mishaps in the last few months and various sightings seem to indicate that Fallon's drinking may have gotten a little out of control. He nearly lost a finger back in June when his wedding band got caught on a counter top and then he chipped a tooth while trying to open his medication. Another injury last week has many NBC insiders reportedly keeping a very close eye on Fallon's partying.

According to a report by New York Post, not everyone is amused. "It’s the party guy’s third injury in four months, and sources say NBC is worried that Fallon’s drinking has turned excessive. And while they’re not doing anything about it — yet — “It’s gone from being a whisper to a chatter,” says one industry insider of Fallon’s over-the-top behavior. The consecutive injuries come on the heels of a seemingly endless parade of Page Six mentions chronicling the after-hours antics of the host, who is married to Nancy Juvonen (co-owner with Drew Barrymore of the production company Flower Films) and has two daughters, both under 2 years old."

While the network has reportedly not stepped in with an intervention yet, everyone seems to agree that Fallon is a bit of a mess. He's relatively young in the business and the money and power at stake is huge so the comedian is reportedly dealing with things by leaning on booze. There are a multitude of stories out there about his hard partying but at least as of now it doesn't seem to be affecting his job. As some have pointed out, hosting The Tonight Show is a rigorous gig and Fallon has yet to drop the ball.

Do you think that his drinking is to blame for all of these mishaps? or do you think that Fallon just has the worst luck imaginable?