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Friday, November 27, 2015

Currently Booming: Scott Disick Headed Back to the Clubs Despite Rehab Trip

(Photo: Instagram)

Just the other day Scott Disick was spotted grabbing lunch with Kourtney Kardashian, minus their kids and it looked like a reconciliation could be in the works. Supposedly, if that were to even be a possibility then Disick would have to stay sober and as of right now, it doesn't necessarily look like that's his intention. At the height of his out of control behavior Disick was often found partying at 1OAK in Vegas and he is actually headed back to his old stomping ground.

According to a flyer that the reality star posted on his Instagram yesterday, Disick will be hosting the venue's official New Year's Eve bash. While some people might be able to be around alcohol and avoid indulging, Disick seems much better off simply avoiding situations that will lead to temptation. He is fresh from a rehab stint and I have to wonder what his baby mama really thinks of his agreeing to host another night at 1OAK. 

Do you think that Kardashian will continue to keep a bit of a distance from Disick, especially if he decides to continue regularly hosting club gigs? Or do you think that she has already fallen back into the routine of tolerating his bad behavior?