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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

On This Day in Pop Culture History- Madonna's Scandalous Behavior Took Her to #1

On this day way back in 1991 Madonna scored her 9th number one single with the super controversial "Justify My Love". The single raised eyebrows at first for the lyrics and then once the video was released it faced serious backlash due  to the sexual situations that it depicted. The black and white footage still seems the like most powerful way for the iconic singer to take the song and use it to push as many boundaries as possible.

Back in 1991 watchdog groups sought to ban the video from being played but all of the controversy only brought more attention to Madonna's song and that undoubtedly helped to push it to the top of Billboard's charts. If you were around when this first premiered, did you love it or did you think that perhaps Madonna had gone a bit too far?