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Friday, October 20, 2017

Freestyle Friday: Sweet Sensation - 'Never Let You Go'

"You are the earth and I am the sea
The world together, forever, I'll be all that you need
You and I were always meant to be
If you should leave and go your own way
I'll still love, I will survive but every night I pray
That you will find your way right back to me
I'll, I'll never let you go
I'll keep you on my heart"

I love Freestyle Friday here at Boom because it's one of my very favorite genres of old school music. Back in the fall of 1988 glam rock was everywhere and it almost made some of the dance tracks even more appealing since they were so completely different from the likes of, well, "Welcome To The Jungle".  Sweet Sensation was one of several girl groups (Expose`, The Cover Girls, JJ Fad, etc.) that were doing battle on Billboard's charts. "Never Let You Go" was their first break out hit and after it hit number one on the dance charts mainstream radio also embraced the girls.

Betty Dee Lebron is the main voice behind the group and back in the 80's they had some of the best choreography around. The original line up of Lebron and sisters Mari and Margie Fernandez grew up together on NYC's lower east side and by 1988 Shelia Vega replaced Mari. Together the trio performed all over the world, bringing their Latin freestyle sound with them.

Sweet Sensation was one of those groups that helped convince me to take a break from the hair bands every now and then. My friends and I also figured out how to mix the huge headbanger hair with biker shorts, crop tops, and little ruffled skirts so that we could pay homage to both genres at the same time.

Ironically, the Fernandez sisters technically own the Sweet Sensation name and along with Sheila Vega still do shows. Betty Dee also performs the Sweet Sensation catalog regularly with Belle Ritter and Jenae Colon. Both ladies joined Sweet Sensation back in 1991 and have stuck with its' original lead singer ever since. The great news for freestyle fans (especially in the NYC area) is that you can still catch the ladies performing all of their classics live!

You can get a copy of Sweet Sensation's debut album Take It While It's Hot which features "Never Let You Go" by clicking below!