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Monday, October 30, 2017

Daily Boom 80's Throwback: Dan Hartman - 'We Are The Young'

"Every street is an arcade of dreams
Uptown, downtown, explodin' at the seam
With lights and sounds and the soul parade
White and blue collar promenade

We are the young, we are the young with the modern attitude
Breakin' down the walls, breakin' all the rules
We are the young, tomorrow comes and we might blow away
So we don't worry 'bout the price we pay."

I really loved Dan Hartman back when I was in 8th grade. "I Can Dream About You" was one of my very favorite songs and for as much of a fan as I was (or at least thought I was), I didn't remember"We Are The Young" until Martha Quinn played it on SiriusXM the 80's on 8 the other night. Like, not at all. I'm pretty sure I must have loved it at one point in time in spite of that.

"We Are The Young" was actually Hartman's third and final single to make the charts and it was considered a crossover hit because it first slayed on the dance charts. Hartman's music has lived on long past his short life ended back in 1994. Apparently, the singer died of an HIV related brain tumor after years of living his life as a closeted gay man. Songs like this one and "I Can Dream About You" make me wonder what else Hartman might have given us had he lived longer.

Check out the video for "We Are The Young" below. Does this one ring a bell?