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Friday, July 22, 2022

Daily Boom Freestyle Friday: April - 'Someone To Hold'

"A lonely night
I'm thinking of you
So glad to know the things that you told me
Falling in love, is the best thing to do
I need you so, I want you to hold me
Can't you see when the lights are low
All I want, all I need
Is a touch of your gentle heart
When your close to me."

In the summer of 1990, freestyle and house music were almost all that I listened to. Several one-named artists popped up (definitely a Latin freestyle thing),  dropped a hot club song or two, and then disappeared back into anonymity. I'm not trying to be shady here at all. I loved their songs and went well into the '90s hoping that they'd return with another hot track or two. April was one of the artists that kind of ruled the genre. Every song that she put out took off up the Billboard club charts and we just couldn't get enough. If you were lucky enough to spend some time on Dance Party USA (and I was), then you knew April's music really well. 

I found this clip of her lip-synced performance on Dance Party USA. This was filmed in Ocean City, NJ in July of 1990. Enjoy it!