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Friday, July 22, 2022

Daily Boom 80's Throwback: Company B - 'Fascinated'

Image result for company b fascinated

"I want to play with you tonight
Hold me, that's all that's on my mind
Baby, something feels so right
Maybe we could play tonight
I want to be so in love with you
I want 2 do just what you want 2 do
I want to be all that to you
I got a dream, and you can make it true
'Cause I, I'm fascinated by your love boy
And I'm fascinated by your love toy
I'm fascinated by the way you make me feel"

Company B was one of many all girl groups that arrived on the Latin freestyle wave of the mid-80's. They had one huge song, "Fascinated" that ruled the dance charts and made it to #21 on Billboard's Hot 100. I think that they kind of unraveled themselves with their second album. By 1989 they had reinvented themselves and also dropped the Latin vibe. The result was a sophmore effort that tanked. It doesn't take away from their classic hit though so check out the video for "Fascinated" below.