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Friday, November 10, 2017

Daily Boom 90's Nostalgia: TKA - 'Louder Than Love'

Image result for TKA Louder Than Love

"Remember when we said goodbye

I wiped my tears, you didn't cry

We both said things we didn't mean

Reaching for the hope, but caught between the screams

And I would try to calm you down

But you wouldn't listen

And now I find you're not around

And it's your love I'm missin'

Louder than love

Louder than love

That's what we were, we were
Louder than love
And we couldn't make things better"

If you are a fan of freestyle music then you already know about TKA. They are the unrivaled Backstreet Boys of the genre. They helped to put Latin club music on the map as well as on the charts. Hit up any freestyle show now and if TKA is part of the roster they are treated (and received) like royalty. Check them out below.