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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Daily Boom 80's Throwback: Warrant - 'Heaven'

"I've got a picture of your house
And you're standing by the door.
It's black and white and faded,
And it's looking pretty worn.
See the factory that I worked
Silhouetted in the back.
The memories are gray but man they're really coming back."

If you were a teen girl back in 1989 then there's a pretty good chance that you were at least mildly obsessed with one of the guys from Warrant. Their first single "Down Boys" made us all pay attention and by the time their power ballad, "Heaven" dropped, well we were all smitten. I was a senior and high school and while my friends were ogling Jani Lane I was paying close attention to Warrant's drummer, Steven Sweet. In a sea of hair bands this one seemed to have a lot more talent than the majority of those around them.