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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Daily Boom 80's Throwback: Winger - 'Madalaine'

This is love too tough to tame
Beware of the girl
Beware of the pain
Running scared
Through the dark of the day
The story never dies
But the names keep changin'
And the face fade
Take you dead or alive"

I think I was first introduced to Winger during an episode of Headbanger's Ball. I was in 11th grade and worked as a closer at a fast food place several nights a week. By the time I rolled in the door, it was midnight or later. Prime viewing time for hair metal videos. In an era of pretty men, Kip Winger may have just been the prettiest.


His hotness factor was off the charts with those piercing eyes and that hair that I was actually jealous of. His ballet moves were easily ignored or downplayed because he just looked so amazing while doing them. 

The rest of the band was pretty freakin fantastic too. While their lyrics were fairly predictably, the guitar riffs and arrangements were better than most of their hair metal rivals. They toured with Bon Jovi, The Scorpions and many more- before the end of the 80's. 

"Madalaine" was the first single off of Winger's self-titled debut album and it was a great introduction to the band. It was current but felt different from what every other band was doing. They caught my eye and my ear and they've now had it for thirty years.

"Madalaine" was also the very first song in the tracklist on that album and it made you want to keep listening. Check out the video below.