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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Daily Boom 90's Nostalgia: Garbage - 'Only Happy When It Rains'

I'm only happy when it rains 
I feel good when things are going wrong 
I only listen to the sad, sad songs 
I'm only happy when it rains 

I only smile in the dark 
My only comfort is the night gone black 
I didn't accidentally tell you that 
I'm only happy when it rains 

If you've been reading DailyBOOM for any real length of time then you already know that I absolutely love Garbage. I'll worship at the feet of Shirley Manson and praise the talent of the rest of the band each and every chance that I get. Finally getting to see them perform live last summer was absolutely everything that I had hoped for and more. It's always risky when you wait years to see a band that you love for the first time. Especially more than 20 years. You run the risk of voices fading, vocal range diminishing and fingers just not playing the way that they once did.

Not the case with Garbage. I can't imagine them ever sounding better than they currently do. And Shirley has certainly gotten better with some good years under her belt. The performance anxiety she once had has been traded in for a sense of authority and control as she stalks the stage.  There have been so many great tracks over the years but since it is currently pouring I'm going to make a fairly obvious choice.

Is "Only Happy When It Rains" their best song? Maybe. Is it their best song played live? Definitely maybe. It has always created or (embraced an already existing) mood. It described the 90's angst perfectly which is, I'm sure, why it became such a huge breakout (and breakthrough) hit for Garbage. I also think it has one of the best videos of the entire decade to accompany it.  Check it out below! Fabulous stiil, isn't it?