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Sunday, April 21, 2019

Meet The Boom Radio Staff: Chris- The Host of My Rock & Roll Heaven

(Chris with Lee Aron)

Chris is the host of My Rock & Roll Heaven heard Sundays 5-7pm EST on Boom Radio!

Where do you live-  
Markham, Ontario (part of the Greater Toronto Area)

Earliest musical memory-  listening to Beethoven’s 5th symphony with my dad’s giant headphones on (I have a pic somewhere!). I was probably 5 or so and I remember being absolutely blown away by how powerful the music was. My parents were big music lovers (especially classical) and we always had music playing in the house.   

The first album you bought-
First album I bought with my own money was Survivor’s Eye Of The Tiger. It was one of 13 records I got for a penny when I joined Columbia House for the 1st time in 1983, but it was the 1st one I circled on the flyer that came in the Saturday newspaper. Great thing is I still have the record. It’s pretty beat up, I played it non-stop! I remember having to get my mom to sign for me and that the grand total including shipping was $1.86.  

First concert - 
First concert was November 19th, 1988 in North Bay Ontario (where I grew up) and it was seeing my 1st favorite band, Honeymoon Suite! The venue was called the North Bay Arts Centre (it’s still there) and it’s about a 1,000 seat theatre with fantastic acoustics. I remember waiting in line before the box office opened (determined to get great seats), and ended up being one of the 1st people there! I managed to get 2nd row centre seats (4 in total) and rushed back to school afterwards to tell my buddies! Still have the ticket stub too.
Honeymoon Suite was fantastic, they were on the tour for their 3rd album Racing After Midnight and played a solid 2 hours. Great thing is that they are still together making new music and touring. I’ll be seeing them this summer J

Last concert attended- 
Billy Idol and Steve Stevens, March 25 2019 at the Princess of Wales Theatre in Toronto. I have been a massive Billy Idol fan for years and this was my first time seeing him live! This show was simply Billy and Steve on stage, playing acoustic and electric versions of his classic songs, with Billy telling us the history behind his music and how the songs came to be. Almost like a VH1 Storytellers/MTV Unplugged type show. Seeing Billy and Steve in such a small venue (it was about a 1,000 seater) and hearing him tell the story of his life while singing these songs was such a memorable experience and one I won’t soon forget.

You just got off of a plane & are standing in your dream location, where are you? Hmmm…. Tough to narrow it down to just one location but right now I’d have to say the Maldives.

Favorite memory- 
Wow, I have so many of them! I’ll go with a recent one though, which would be meeting my favorite band Def Leppard last summer. One of the best days of my life!

Bucket list goal-  
Travelling through Europe for an entire summer going from one rock festival to another!

Finish this sentence- "This time next year I hopefully will have won the lottery and I’m retired sitting on a beach somewhere with the rock and roll cranked up! ;) "

You're hosting a dinner with 3 living artists & 3 that have died. Who will be there?
So many artists I would love to do this with!!! 3 living would be Joe Elliott, Nikki Sixx and Bryan Ferry. 3 that are no longer with us would be Freddie Mercury, Steve Clark and Bon Scott

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