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Friday, May 22, 2020

Daily Boom 80's Throwback: Sandee- 'Notice Me'

"I walk by where you work every day
Hoping you'd glance my way
A smile would break out from me to you
Conversation would make its way"

Sandee (Sandra Casanas) is one of those artists that made a lasting impression but then was lost way too soon. She was actually one-third of the original Expose` lineup from 1984-6 with Ale` and Laurie Miller. After the group was reformed Sandee went her own way and carved a nice solo career for herself. "Notice Me" went to number 9 on Billboard's dance chart back in 1989 and remains a club staple to this day. Sadly, Sandee was found dead in her Hollywood, Florida back in 1998 after suffering a severe seizure. The freestyle world grieved her loss together with various tributes and to this day Sandee is often discussed at freestyle events.