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DailyBoom Your Old School Music Authority

Friday, July 17, 2015

Boom Daily 80's Throwback- Johnny Kemp

Way back in 1988 I was juggling high school and my first job. When Johnny Kemp's song, "Just Got Paid' was released it kind of became an instant anthem for all of us. Back then Friday was generally pay day and so the lyrics fit perfectly and the beat, well, anything that we could dance to was golden. Kemp was considered to be one of the pioneers of New Jack Swing, a musical era that really had a break through in the early 90's. Kemp continued performing right up until his death just this past April. Sadly he was found in Montego Bay, Jamaica and after an autopsy it was determined that Kemp must have fallen and hit his head, then drowned in the shallow water.While he is no longer with us, you can bet that when Friday night rolls around each week "Just Got Paid" still gets plenty of play!