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Friday, February 3, 2023

Daily Boom 70's Throwback: Donna Summer - 'On The Radio'

"Someone found a letter you wrote me
On the radio
And they told the world just how you felt
It must have fallen out of a hole
In your old brown overcoat
They never said your name
But I knew just who they meant
I was so surprised and shocked
And I wondered, too
If by chance you heard it for yourself
I never told a soul
Just how I've been feeling about you
But they said it really loud
They said it on the air
On the radio"

 I figured a little disco might help me (and you) to get moving this morning. Donna Summer has always been a favorite. I remember my dad putting one of her greatest hits albums on tape and I then inherited the vinyl. I don't think any of my friend's had ever heard "Macarthur Park" before I played it on my little record player. I loved everything by her but my very favorite has always been "On The Radio".

I can remember being down the shore (Jersey of course) and walking the boardwalk when a downpour started. My parents and I ducked into a place to eat and right across from us was the movie theater which was showing The Main Event, a movie that I was way too young to seeThe title track to the film was by Donna and Barbra Streisand and inside the pizza place where we sat, who was on the jukebox? Of course, Donna.

She had a way of unintentionally providing the soundtrack for bullet point moments in my life. Like when I was pregnant with my first kid, Donna Summer had a VH1 special that blew up and the cd lived in my stereo forever. Her passing at age 63 in 2012 was far too young and under questionable circumstances. She had developed lung cancer in spite of never smoking. Donna maintained that her illness was caused by toxic fumes from 9-11. It's still a bit sad to me to think that she's not somewhere belting out a song. Check out a classic below.