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Friday, July 17, 2015

Scott Disick Looks Rough While Pimping Detox Tea on Instagram

It has been nearly two weeks since Kourtney Kardashian confirmed that she had dumped her bad boy, baby daddy Scott Disick and the reality star certainly isn't looking too sparky. While Disick has bailed out on a few scheduled hosting gigs he is still making money off of sponsored posts. Just the other day he posted a photo of himself that was clearly intended to promote FitTea, a detox drink. The problem is that in the photo itself Disick appears to be at the very least, quite hungover.

Sponsored posts and pitching products on social media is a huge industry. Disick can easily get paid a minimum of $10 grand just for posting a photo in support of a product like FitTea. That said, I have to kind of wonder what their reaction was when they saw Disick's post. Sure he promoted the drink, but nowadays Disick isn't exactly looking like the kind of guy that should be the face on anything.

As for his split with Kardashian, some have expected her to cave in and allow him back into the home that they shared for nearly a decade. So far it seems like the reality starlet has every intention of sticking to her guns. Disick's clothing and artwork is now all at his Beverly Hills bachelor pad and rather than waiting for a reunion Kardashian is said to be preparing for custody court.